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With the community's support, Groovy creates trust and a mutual standard of excellence to deliver and enjoy exotic, sometimes rare, specialty coffee in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The team carefully roasts in-house, brews, and serves an elevated and immersive coffee experience. They find it vital to care deeply about the taste of coffee and treat it as both a concept and a source of inspiration.

Groovy Coffee Roasters LLC opened it's official storefront doors to the neighborhood in 2022. We foster a chill multicultural space for people with different interests, cultures, and backgrounds to start conversations, find common ground, forge bonds, and satisfy one another's curiosity.


Upon each visit, the patrons mingle with a team of highly talented individuals who share a deep, enduring love and respect for one another. As worldwide travelers, the team members appreciate the chance to open themselves up to new people and further broaden their horizons.

Groovy Roasters is beyond a coffee shop.The open kitchen promotes its menu regularly on social media as a reminder to come back, where you are always welcome.

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